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WowinBlocksWowin Blocks is an extremely addictive logic game. Arrange the falling blocks in such a way to form as many one-color lines as possible. Remember that you can rotate the falling blocks to match the existing structure.

Game Instructions:

1. Controls:
– use arrow keys to control the falling blocks
– you can speed up the falling blocks by using the bottom arrow
– you can rotate the falling blocks by using the up arrow
2. How to play:
– place the falling blocks so as to collect as many points as possible
– each block comprises 4 smaller blocks in 2 different colors, arranged randomly
– the combinations of blocks of the same color, with a minimum size of 2×2, are removed from the board
– the combinations of blocks are removed by a clearing line, moving in the background of the screen
– the speed of the clearing line depends on the level of the game
– the higher the level of the game, the faster the blocks fall
3. Bonuses:
– there are extra blocks marked with a special symbol
– bonus points are awarded once a figure that contains a special block is removed
– time bonus slows the clearing line by 3 seconds
– point bonus increases the number of collected points by 30%
4. Game Over:
– the game ends after 4 rounds
– the game ends when stacked blocks go beyond the restricted area

Game Stats

This game was played 3,383 times!

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4 votes, average: 3.75/5

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