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Randy Cunningham Saves Norrisville High

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Randy Cunningham Saves Norrisville HighRandy Cunningham Saves Norrisville High is a challenging skill based point and click game where you take the role of the ninja Randy Cunningham. In this game, a series of powerful robots have attacked Norrisville High, and you must defeat each robot on a one on one duel to the death. Use your ninja reflexes to avoid attacks and deliver heavy blows. Take the robot apart piece by piece until it goes down with the trash in this cool and challenging game!
An army of evil robots is attacking and Norrisville High is in grave danger! Help the boy ninja Randy Cunningham fight the invasion in Randy Cunningham Saves Norrisville High! Use his ninja skills to evade attacks and slash the robots apart.

Randy Cunningham Saves Norrisville High is a free online action game on Round Games.