Ace Gangster Game

Ace GangsterAce Gangster is a gangster simulation action adventure game inspired by the popular GTA franchise. In this game, you will play as the new AL CAPONE. You must build reputation as a gangster by doing various odd jobs and completing missions. Hi-jack cars and demolish buildings, steal the bank and attack offices, and do plenty of other crimes to earn infamy. Earn the respect of other criminal gang members and be the most respected gangster in your city.
Play the role of a gangster living in a big city. Build up your reputation and be in famous! Earn the respect of other gangsters in Ace Gangster! Do various jobs and commit dozens of crimes while you avoid or fight the cops in this GTA styled game! This game is one of the action games at Round Games.

Ace Gangster is a free online game on RoundGames.

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