Apocalypse World

Game Details

Apocalypse WorldApocalypse World is a fun third-person shooter game in which you must attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse. The world has gone mad, and most of the human population has turned into mindless, bloodthirsty zombies! You are one of the lucky survivors, but your road is filled with peril. So you must do what you can to survive and collect different weapons and equipment. Move around the map faster by riding riding horses, cars or motorcycles. Keep a watchful eye and check out the abandoned houses and buildings to see what you can find. So the open world is waiting to be explored in Apocalypse World Game! Enjoy and have fun.

Game Features:
3D zombie survival game with beautiful graphics.
A big open-world exploration.
Rideable vehicles, such as a bike and car.
Thirst system.

How to Play

WASD or arrow keys to move the character. Right-click to aim. Left-click to shoot. Shift to sprint. E to interact. 1 or 2 to change weapon.