Armored Kitten

Game Details

Armored KittenArmored Kitten is an action packed twin-stick shooter video game. Where you take control of a bad-ass, yet absolutely cute kitten warrior equipped with an automatic gun and a sturdy battle suit. In this game, the zombies, aliens, and other monstrosities are coming, and your goal is different in each mission. Sometimes, you must survive the zombie outbreak, and other times you must destroy some vessels and eliminate targets. The game features dozens of unique weapons, combat upgrades, skill upgrades, and many more.

The zombies are coming and the world is in great danger! Play the role of a great kitten warrior and defeat the horrible monsters! Pick up advanced weapons and lay waste to the undead!

Armored Kitten is a free online action game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.