Danger Mouse Ultimate Game

Danger Mouse Ultimate Help Danger Mouse save the world and stop Megahurtz in Danger Mouse Ultimate Game! Watch out for obstacles and traps and don’t ever skip the training! Danger Mouse Ultimate is an action platformer video game where you take control of the titular hero rodent Danger Mouse. Based on the popular TV show, In this game, your goal is to stop Megahurtz from virtual world domination and prevent Greenback from causing destruction and havoc in a bizarre alien world. The game features multiple story lines to unlock. Keep an eye out for various dangers and platforming challenges along the way. Also try to find and collect various items to earn points!

Danger Mouse, the world’s greatest secret agent. And his faithful assistant Penfold need your help to save the Earth from the attacks of powerful villains. The infamous Baron Silas Von Greenback threatens to melt the polar ice caps if he doesn’t receive all of the money in the world by tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the eccentric Princess Dawn has turned every London building into a candy-colored land of rainbows. Other missions await our Super Mouse in this perfectly designed platform game. So enjoy and have fun in playing Danger Mouse Ultimate Game. Good luck.

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