Demonic Naptime Regular Show

Game Details

Demonic Naptime Regular ShowDemonic Naptime Regular Show is an action arcade game. Based on the popular cartoon TV series The Regular Show. In this game, Muscleman owes Mordecai and Rigby a favor. To make things even, Muscleman agreed to babysit Thomas in place of Rigby and Mordecai. Little did Muscleman knows that Thomas is actually Death’s son, and everytime he takes a nap, everyone in the room will be transported to the levels of the underworld. Help Muscleman keep the baby safe by kicking the monsters and carrying them off somewhere else! Let the baby fall asleep peacefully so you can proceed to the next area!

Muscleman needs to babysit Death’s infant son! Help Muscleman keep the baby from the monsters of his dreams in Demonic Naptime: Regular Show!

Demonic Naptime Regular Show is a free online action game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.