Drillionaire 2 Game

Drillionaire 2 Drillionaire 2. When Terra crashed into Titan’s tower. Raven got alarmed and sucked Terra into a Black Hole sending her down to the Earth. To rescue his crush, Beast Boy transformed into a giant mole and started digging the Earth vigorously from inside the tower. Due to Beast Boy’s digging, the entire Titan tower fell and crumbled to the ground. Now Cyborg needs to find and rescue Beast Boy and fix the tower. As the other Teen Titan members were caught unprepared. By utilizing Cyborg’s flying drill machine, your goal is to dig the ground, collect minerals, fight lava monsters, and ultimately rescue Beast Boy.

Use Cyborg’s Flying Drill Machine to rescue Beast Boy and fix Teen Titan’s tower. Collect minerals to earn cash and upgrade the drill machine in Drillionaire–Teen Titans Go!

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