Freddy’s bomb Game

Freddy's bomb Freddy’s bomb is a Bomberman style video game based on the lore of the popular horror survival game Five Nights at Freddy’s. In this game, you just got a job at Freddy’s Burger. Your job is to work on night shift security. However, the animatronics are behaving strangely (as they always do) and your goal is to survive the night until you get your paycheck. Unfortunately, your paycheck is still 5 nights away. Customize your character and try not to get caught by the animatronics!
You finally got a job! It’s a night shift security back in Freddy’s Burger! Unfortunately, there are animatronics at your tail! Will you survive five nights in Freddy’s Bomb in this FNAF themed Bomberman-style game!

Freddy’s bomb is a free online action game on Round Games.

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