Idle Pirate Conquest Game

Idle Pirate Conquest Idle Pirate Conquest is a fast-paced idle-clicker video game where you take control of the pirate commander. Hire crew members and other distinguish pirates to aid you in your quest to defeat all leviathans of the seven seas. The game features 7 worlds (seas) to explore. Each world has a total of 100 levels with a powerful boss monster waiting at the end. Will you be able to create a pirate alliance and defeat the 7 powerful monsters that rule the sea?

Battle humongous sea creatures as you explore the 7 seas! Hire awesome pirate crews as you take on the giants of the sea in Idle Pirate Conquest! Collect more treasures, and gamble and invest your gold to earn even more.

Idle Pirate Conquest is a free online action game on Round Games.

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