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Mega Mechs Assembling

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Mega Mechs AssemblingMega Mechs Assembling is an arcade shooter game. Based on classic games like Invaders. However, the game is inspired heavily on the film Transformers and features similar robots to the title. The game is separated into two parts: Robot assembly, and alien invasion defense. In the Robot assembly part, you must drag and drop the matching pieces to its outline. The faster you complete the level, and the more accurately you placed the pieces will determine your robot quality. High robot quality means higher HP. On the alien invasion defense. You must complete dozens of waves of enemies. And prevent them from invading the earth. Enjoy and have fun!
An uninvited alien race have come to invade the earth! Create giant and powerful robots and defeat the invaders! Defeat all waves of aliens and try to complete all levels and unlock all mega mechs!

Mega Mechs Assembling is a free online action game on Round Games.