Mojo Mayhem Game

Mojo Mayhem Mojo Mayhem is a side-scrolling avoid and collect arcade video game featuring the Powerpuff Girls! In this game, Mojo Jojo is invading the city of Townsville with his new inventions. On board his giant flying robot, Mojo Jojo attacked the city and it’s up to the Powerpuff girls to stop him. Avoid flying objects and try to collect power-ups along the way. Fill up the power meter of each girl and attack Mojo Jojo. Will you be able to save the town? Save the city of Townsville from the menacing monkey genius named Mojo Jojo in this action-packed arcade game – Mojo Mayhem! Dodge the objects thrown by Mojo and collect various items and power-ups to fill up your attack meter.

Play Mojo Mayhem Game

Find the instructions inside the game.