Monster Attack Kid Danger Game

Monster Attack Kid Danger Monster Attack Kid Danger is a strategy based action game where you help Kid Danger and Captain Man protect Swellview from the Popcorn Monster! Train the squad in different areas to make them stronger. To defeat the Popcorn Monster, you must attack and destroy him in one turn. Try to complete your mission as fast as you can. If you attack the Popcorn Monster and he is still alive, he will attack Swellview and Swellview’s HP will decrease. When Swellview’s HP drops to 0, you lose and the game ends. You need a logic strategy to defeat the Popcorn Monster in one turn. The interesting point in this game is that you have plenty of room to practice for your heroes. Each hero will practice in different rooms and they will have different exercises. Good luck and have fun in playing Monster Attack Kid Danger Game!

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