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NEPTR Out of CTRLNEPTR Out of CTRL is an action arcade game based on the popular Cartoon TV show Adventure Time. In this game, the Ice King turned NEPTR into a bad robot. And now, the pie throwing became a pie slayer and is now throwing poison pies to everyone! Play as Finn and try to save the townspeople by cutting, slashing, and dicing all the NEPTR’s pies. Avoid slashing the burning and poison pies and try to cut as many pies as possible before the timer (represented by Jake’s hand) reaches zero!
Ice King has turned the pie throwing NEPTR into a pie slayer! Now bent on attacking everyone, you must stop NEPTR in NEPTR Out of CTRL! Play as Finn and use your trusty sword to cut all the pies to save the day and become the hero once again!

NEPTR Out of CTRL is a free online action game on Round Games.