Pixel Stories 1 Young Blood Game

Pixel Stories 1 Young Blood Pixel Stories 1 Young Blood is an awesome pixelated game in which you can explore a vast pixelated world. You can partake in many different game modes. And try to complete a host of interesting and challenging missions. You must explore pixel city and try to solve the missions the crime control department has set you. You can pick up a variety of weapons as you play and use them to take out the criminals. Moreover, you can also jump into vehicles too! So enjoy and have fun in playing Pixel Stories 1 Young Blood Game. Good luck.

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A GTA-inspired game with a blocky theme.
Various missions to complete.
Deadly weapons to buy, including an RPG.
An open-world exploration.

Play Pixel Stories 1 Young Blood Game

P: pause. WASD or arrow keys: walk. Space bar: jump/brake. Mouse 1: fire/fight. Mouse 2: scope. E: use/sit car. R: reload. M: restart mission. 1,2: switch weapon. V: switch view in car.