Portal of Doom Undead Rising Game

Portal of Doom Undead Rising Portal of Doom Undead Rising Game: It’s the year 2077, you are a private security contractor who’s always looking for a job. You’ve received one frantic call from a nearby space station. So, you decided to investigate. In Portal of Doom Undead Rising Game, As you search deeper in the space station you saw butchered bodies, body parts scattered around the area. Blood is everywhere and a deadening silence filled the whole place.

So find some clues of what had happened in Portal of Doom Undead Rising. Search for key-cards to unlock doors and PDA devices to know more about the experiments. Did the experiments go wrong? Is there any survivors? Are you digging for truth or your own grave?

Play this first person shooting 3D game, Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising. Feel the eerie vibe and defend yourself from all the monsters, aliens or the undead! Finish all the challenging levels of Alien Planet, Hangars and Abandoned Spaceship. Find your way out of this labyrinth kind of a ship and discover the real reason why the dead are walking! So enjoy and have fun in playing Portal of Doom Undead Rising Game.

Play Portal of Doom Undead Rising Game

WASD or arrow keys to walk around. Mouse to look around. Left mouse button to fire. Right mouse button to aim. Mouse wheel to change weapon. R to reload. F to pick up an item. Left shift to run. Left Ctrl to crouch. X to prone. V to melee. Space to jump.