Powerpuff Girls Unordinary Week

Game Details

Powerpuff Girls Unordinary WeekPowerpuff Girls Unordinary Week is a fun skill-based action game where your reaction skills is the key to victory. In this game, you will fight a relentless series of duels starting from the very first day of the week. Defend and attack at the correct moment as you fight against the various bad guys of Townsville. Choose your favorite Powerpuff Girls character and start your day! Will you be able to survive the entire week as the Powerpuff Girls? How far through the week can you get? It’s a hectic week for the Powerpuff Girls! Play as Bubbles, Blossom, or Buttercup and help them fight their various nemeses in Powerpuff Girls – Unordinary Week! Time your attacks and try to survive every day of the week!

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.