Rogue Buddies 2 Game

Rogue Buddies 2 The boys are back for more action adventure in Rogue Buddies 2 Game. Help 4 mercenary buddies as they take seek revenge in the hostile jungle environment. Improved game play mechanics, better visual graphics and new mind-bending puzzles. Your goal is to save your crew from your former evil boss. Gather as much gold and take revenge on the evil Company. The gold will you help with upgrading your weapons. There are also achievements to unlock

The enemy you’ll face are not only henchmen, but also natives that lives in the jungle that will try to stop you. In each of the 50 levels you might be confronted with puzzles. That will require each of the character’s special skills, swapping back and forth between your buddies. In Rogue Buddies 2 Game there will be 3 types of vehicles (Bike, Chopper, Skiboat), that will require the player to find the key in that level. In some levels, the vehicle is necessary to complete the stage, whereas in other levels it is optional. So enjoy and have fun.

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