Strike Force Heroes 3

Game Details

Strike Force Heroes 3Strike Force Heroes 3. The award-winning series Strike Force is back in the awesome third installment. Join the elite forces to take own the enemy soldiers. It is bigger and better than the previous version in many ways. More levels, more guns, and more maps.
60 missions, customisable weapons and squads await in the massive Strike Force Heroes sequel you’ve been waiting for!

We love weapons, you love weapons, everyone loves weapons! So now each mission/difficulty you complete has a unique reward for completing it. You may unlock a new class, a new blueprint (more on that below) or, on the later missions, a powerful, unique hero. If you were to replay older missions, you would get a random weapon every single time! No need to buy weapons anymore, you’ll be earning them automatically as you play! Have fun and enjoy playing Strike Force Heroes 3.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.