ThunderCats The Orb Of Madness

Game Details

ThunderCats The Orb Of MadnessThunderCats The Orb Of Madness Game: Rescue your kidnapped friends as you battle your way through this multi-part adventure. The famous team of heroes from the tribe of people of cats today must penetrate into the location of the aggressive alien race and destroy the ancient artifact that can infect people with horror and insanity. So we are with you in the game ThunderCats: The Orb Of Madness we will help them in this.

At the beginning of the game, you choose a character for yourself. Remember that each of the heroes has his own fighting skills and personal qualities. Your hero will penetrate into a certain location and will face the enemy soldiers. To destroy them, he will have to enter into battle with them and destroy them. Sometimes from enemies you will drop objects and weapons that you will need to collect. Enjoy and have fun in playing ThunderCats The Orb Of Madness Game. Good luck.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.