Undead Drive Game

Undead Drive Undead Drive is a top-down driving video game where your goal is to get past all the zombies and obstacles in one piece and complete all the levels. There will be hundreds of zombies per area and a couple of survivors will be hiding that you can rescue. Try to rescue all survivors and defeating as many zombies as possible to unlock achievements and earn some rewards. Crush zombies and use the money you earn to upgrade your car parts or unlock an entirely new car. Drive for your life as you crush zombies in your path your car, rescue survivors, and collect cash.

The zombies are coming, and the only way to salvation is the copter that just passed by! Get on the nearest car and chase that helicopter in Undead Drive! Keep an eye out for gasoline usage and level and keep your car running by not receiving too much damage. Good luck!

Undead Drive is a free online action game on Round Games.

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