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Villains Unite

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Villains UniteVillains Unite.Villains has united to destroy your favorite Disney heroes. Help your favorite heroes take on the sinister villains and their minions.
Dr Doofernshmirtz created a Evil-Gathering-inator to summon other evil geniuses and together to take over the world. Because of an error he made, the program sent them into another dimension along with other six heroes. Every each of one enemy for one villain. All of them were transported into a strange inter-dimensional arena and now the villain unite to face the heroes in an epic battle.

In this new game you have as heroes Dipper, Mabel, Wonder Over Yonder, Randy Cunningham and Agent Perry. To play the game you have to choose the character with whom you would like to play and start the game. You will be transport into a room. Where you have to face your attacker in order to go further and win the game. Have fun in this new battle game with Disney characters!

Villains Unite is a free online game on RoundGames.