Virtual Voodoo Game

Virtual Voodoo Virtual Voodoo is a funny, yet spiteful little ragdoll simulation game that challenges you to do your cruelest work on the little voodoo doll. In this game, your goal is to damage the doll as much as possible and level up to unlock all punishments, spells, and customization options. Summon a nest of pests, call in a fast bus, or make a bullet train pass over the doll! Set the doll on fire or freeze it with your spells in game. Remember that this game should not be taken seriously. Learn to forgive and forget!
Perform unspeakable jinxes and do as much damage as you can to the character in this funny ragdoll voodoo simulation game – Virtual Voodoo! Use needles, ice, fire, or let a vehicle run it over! Vent all your frustrations in the little fella!

Virtual Voodoo is a free online action game on Round Games.

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