Whack The Burglars Game

Whack The Burglars Whack The Burglars. You are home alone and a bunch of burglars had sneak into your house. They want to steal valuable stuff. In this bloody animated game it is your job to whack them to make them understand to not steal your stuff. Whack The Burglars is like 2 Whack-It games in one! A group of thieves want to steal your money, your games and other articles of value. But what can you do to prevent that? The answer is simple: Whack The Burglars! Click on the different objects in your apartment and and use them as a weapon. Sometimes you need to combine two items to make it work. Can you find all ways to kill the stupid burglars in this bloody horror game? Enjoy Whack The Burglars, but don’t forget: it’s just a game.

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