Woody to the Rescue Game

Woody to the Rescue Woody to the Rescue is a fun skill-based game where you must help Woody reach Bo Peep’s window. The game will give you a number of tries and you must get it successful as many times as possible. For each successful attempt, you will earn 500 points. If you get inside the window with Bo Peep’s sheep on it, you will lose 100 points. Each game will randomize Bo Peep, and her sheep’s location, so you must probe the tower first to see which window you should try to land.
Rex has imprisoned Bo Peep in a tower! Help Woody swing his way over to Bo Peep’s window to rescue her and win her heart in Woody to the Rescue! Try to reach as many points as possible before running out of tries.

Woody to the Rescue is a free online action game on Round Games.

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