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Wothan The Barbarian

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Wothan The BarbarianWothan The Barbarian is a HTML Arcade Game. Help your hero to run away from the castle dungeon! But be careful to the many lurking dangers that will threaten him!
Wothan, the most awesome barbarian in Frooboria has been captured by the heinous Zianous. An evil creature of the deep.
After chaining Wothan to the dungeon walls, her grand evilness has decided to end Wothan, once and for all – by activating the spikes of despair, making them drop down, ever so slowly, on Wothan! eeeeeek!
Lucky for Wothan, he is strong enough to break the chains binding him to the dungeons walls and begins his escape! It’s your goal in this action, help Wothan get as far as possible from the dropping spikes. This game can be played on all devices.

Wothan The Barbarian is a free online game on RoundGames.