Zombie Invasion 2

Game Details

Zombie Invasion 2Zombie Invasion 2 is a fun 2 direction fighting game where your goal is to simply slash as many zombies as you can and complete all the zombie waves. In every 5 waves, a huge boss zombie will pop out that you must defeat. So choose one among the 7 heroes: Charlotte, Alissa, Kitto, Jame, Ichiko, Elise, and Hikari. Each character has their own favorite and cool skill to use in battle. Spend your gems wisely and have fun!

The zombies are everywhere! Choose your cool hero and start slashing, hacking, and shooting the undead in this fun mobile-friendly game – Zombie Invasion 2! So will you be able to defeat the boss on every 5th wave? Good luck!

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.