Zombie Reborn

Game Details

Zombie RebornZombie Reborn is an isometric 3D action shooter video game set in a not so distant future where the zombie apocalypse already began. In this game, the horde of zombies are everywhere, and they only aim for one thing… to munch on your delicious brain. Try to reach the safe zone with your friends as you struggle to survive. Conserve ammo but try not to depend on your melee weapons or the zombies will have more chance of biting you.

You are caught up unprepared for the zombie apocalypse! Survive the urban area and scavenge for weapons and supplies in Zombie Reborn! Grab whatever weapons you find and beat the zombies with it so you and your friends can survive.

Zombie Reborn is a free online action game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.