Zombies Ate My Phone

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Game Details

Zombies Ate My PhoneZombies Ate My Phone is a wonderful and funny top-down shooter video game inspired by the awesome game Zombies Ate My Neighbors. In this game, A zombie outbreak began while you were shopping in the mall. You love killing zombies, but your friends are not that good at it so they are calling for your help. You won’t be able to rescue them all so rescue only who you want in this fun game. Use various weapons like music CDs and fire extinguishers to defeat the undead and other abominations.

The zombies are here! And the brainless abominations ate your phone! Survive waves after waves of the undead at the mall in Zombies Ate My Phone! Weed out all the bad friends and choose to save only your “true” friends.

Zombies Ate My Phone is a free online action game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.