ZOMBIFY ME ZOMBIFY ME is a 3D runner game where one day, when you wake up and realize that all things are changed? the people around you, the city you live, the scenes? become other types! OMG, you see the ghost and zombies. How would your life be in ZOMBIFY ME Game? Fight or run away? Well, I suggest running away, run as fast and far as you could?

Halloween is now, zombies are everywhere! You have a hard duty in this dark night in ZOMBIFY ME Game. Gather candies as much as you can while avoiding ugly zombies. Not just one zombie, there are a lot of them tonight. So you will have to deal with all of them in ZOMBIFY ME Game. You have to run nonstop, jump over barricades and buses, crouch under some objects, get pass next to zombies in this zombie city. To collect candies, you don’t have to be a zombie killer in ZOMBIFY ME, just react fast and get pass them before they catch you. You cannot stop, just run and jump.

Wall jump sometimes can be hard, but you shouldn’t give up now, you can’t, all the other difficulties are waiting for you in ZOMBIFY ME Game. Don’t just look ahead, also look at the road, some zombie hands are go out from the ground because this is zombie world. You have to trust your reflexes and attention to avoid get caught by scary zombies, do your best zombie survival run. While doing this, sometimes you will have to do some crazy jumps, be prepared. So enjoy and have fun in playing ZOMBIFY ME Game.