Zomburger 2 Market Revenge

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Game Details

Zomburger 2 Market RevengeZomburger 2 Market Revenge Game: Zombies are hungry and they are coming for you, help defend yourself by using various weapons. Zomburger 2: Market Revenge is all about making crazy awesome combos to earn money. To purchase even more awesome and deadlier weapons!

You must use various weapons such as rotten fish, a frying pan and a baseball bat to destroy the zombies. As you progress you can purchase new weapons and upgrades to help your defense. You can defend various levels of your restaurant – from the street up to the roof. During each level, you must destroy wave after wave of zombies – bet careful as your weapons have a cool down so make each shot count! Can you defend your beloved burger bar and defeat the hungry zombies in Zomburger 2 Market Revenge Game?

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.