Adventure Time Apple Fetch Game

Adventure Time Apple Fetch Adventure Time Apple Fetch. You can go on a very fun adventure with two of your favorite characters, Jake and Finn. The two friends who are always together and always doing all kind of fun activities together. They are not lazy at all, they prefer going on adventures to sleeping. So in this game they wake up really early so they can be the first ones to find all the hidden treasures. Because they appeared over night and everybody else is still sleeping. So the two of them have really good odds to be the only ones to find treasure.

Fortunately, Jake is a very special dog, he is kind of magical and he can transform himself in some kind of snake, Finn rides him and together they can collect all the treasure chests in the area, but of course only with your help kids. But they will be gone all day long so they have to eat something, and apples are very tasty. You should try to eat all the apples in the area because they are healthy and tasty and they get you bonus scores. But be careful because when he eats apples, Jake grows so it might be more difficult to control him. Good luck in playing Adventure Time Apple Fetch Game!

Play Adventure Time Apple Fetch Game