Constellation Adventure King

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Game Details

Constellation Adventure KingConstellation Adventure King. In AD 2050, since nature suffered from destruction of mankind for centuries, the entire ecological system of nature almost to the brink of extinction. There is a mysterious race far away in the space of the different layers, they protect the Earth from generation to generation. However, they finally anger because of the destruction of human behavior. So, they decided to destroy all of humanity, and to create a new race to manage the Earth. Two cute elves and their pet friends do not want to look at the human world to be destroyed. The elves would like to give humans the opportunity to rehabilitate. So they bravely broke into the zodiac set by enemy, hope to find the leader of the enemy in order to seek solution of saving the Earth. Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game. Good luck.

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How to Play

1P use "WAD" to move, "S" to attack. 2P use "arrows" to move, "down arrow" to attack. When find two pets and two players stand together, press "SPACE" to switch attack mode. Player only attack little monster, pet only attack boss monster.