Dinogen Game

Dinogen Dinogen is a top-down Jurassic Park like game full of action and adventure. Choose between survival mode or story mode in this amazing game.

In story mode, you take the job as a chief security officer for one of the many classified Dinogen research camps code man Camp 002. Welcome to the future where time travel finally become a reality. The technology was created by a small research team dedicated to archaeology. The inventor quickly formed a corporation and patented the technology. Creating a monopoly on teleportation. The company was called Dinogen Corporation and you are a highly-trained soldiers. Tasked with the defense of the camps and protection of researchers.

In survival mode, you must survive through waves of dinosaurs attack on camp site. Dinosaurs waves will get more hostile, stronger. And travel in large groups as you progress. You must purchase new weapons and equipment from the armory. Upgrade your character’s skills. And call in backup and auto turrets to help you. So enjoy and have fun in playing Dinogen Game.

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