Lego Volcano Interactive

Game Details

Lego Volcano InteractiveLego Volcano Interactive is an interactive LEGO movie featuring drawing and gesture-based challenges. In this game, the LEGO miners, explorers, archeologists, and workers are exploring an active volcano that is about to erupt. However, an evil force started to lay his hands on the expedition, pushing the volcano to erupt at the very moment. Complete various challenges like drawing a W-shape or an S-shape to pass the challenge and move on to the next scene in the movie.

Oh no! The volcano became active due to someone’s doing! Help the Lego people survive the volcano blast and find a way to stop the eruption in Lego Volcano Interactive! Will your team be able to explore an active volcano? Have fun!

Lego Volcano Interactive is a free online adventure game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.