Orion Sandbox 2

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Game Details

Orion Sandbox 2Orion Sandbox 2 (or Orion Sandbox Enhanced) is an enhanced version of the first game Orion Sandbox. The game takes heavy inspiration to games like Minecraft and Terraria. Collect various materials and use it to craft new tools and armors that you can use to survive the world! Watch out for various hostiles in the world and try to collect valuable resources so you can craft useful items, weapons, and tools. Complete various missions to earn points and find treasures.

Explore the world, collect materials, and build your own house in the new and enhanced version of this wonderful sandbox game – Orion Sandbox 2! Shape the world however you wish and try to build a house, a mansion, or even a castle.

Orion Sandbox 2 is a free online adventure game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.