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Blocky Zombie Highway

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Blocky Zombie HighwayBlocky Zombie Highway is an endless driving simulation game where the world is infested with zombies. The game features blocky Minecraft-like graphics, smooth gameplay, and addicting music. Your goal is to drive as far as you can, as long as you can while avoiding flaming obstacles, radioactive obstacles, and solid structures. Crush the zombies you see to earn some coins that can be used to purchase a multitude of things and vehicles. The longer you survive, the bigger your points will be.
It’s the zombie apocalypse! And the only way to survive is to keep on moving! Stay on the road and smash as many zombies as you can in Blocky Zombie Highway! Run over the zombies and earn some coins to unlock new features and purchase new cars.

Blocky Zombie Highway is a free online driving game on Round Games.