City Car Driving Simulator 2 Game

City Car Driving Simulator 2 City Car Driving Simulator 2 is a fantastic 3D driving game. If you love racing and unlimited driving, you will surely enjoy this game! Before you start racing you can choose your vehicle – choose from a range of different super cars and sports cars – all with powerful engines and awesome controls. Once you have chosen your car, the city awaits! City Car Driving Simulator 2 Game is set during the night and you can explore the huge cityscape under the cover of the street lights. The graphics are smooth and the driving controls are realistic too. Explore the city for yourself and simply drive through the streets and practice your racing skills! Try not to crash your vehicle and maybe practice drifting – the choice is yours so have fun!

City Car Driving 2 Game Features:
You can use many car models , including police car.
You can customize the car.
Traffic amount controls.
Lamp controls.

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