Fortride Open World

Game Details

Fortride Open WorldFortride Open World. Try this awesome stunt car game and explore one awesome open world place filled with check points, gateways and thrilling jumps and turns. Like in the famous Fortnite game. In Fortride: Open World you can use certain keys like W,A,S,D and press space button to build ramps, curves and turns and create bridges over obstacles.

You can build what ever you want… even a custom race track. Choose between 11 different cars such as monster trucks, race cars and vans to overcome the various obstacles and challenges scattered across the map. The environment is your playground, use it to your advantage! Explore the vast landscape and discover it’s secrets. Use and combine the game mechanics in order to scale down the large obstacles.

Find the secret way of quickly recharging your nitro tank. Use the portals to jump to other spots on the map and complete all the challenges this new world has to offer. Smash in the explosive barrels… and move the crates all around the map. But watch out they are meant to slow you down. Use space bar to boost your selected car speed and make sure you jump even over the tallest obstacles. Enjoy this epic fun Fortride: Open World free roam car game and have a blast online! Good luck!

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.