Monster Truck Shadowlands 2 Game

Monster Truck Shadowlands 2 Monster Truck Shadowlands 2 is a side scrolling driving game where you take control of a monster truck. Your goal is to drive through a crazy world filled with giant trees, saws, traps, and other hazards. Shadowlands is a weirdly dark place where everything is just a silhouette. Learn to identify the traps from the boost and tilt your truck accordingly! The game features several levels and several trucks to unlock. Will you be able to survive all the levels and keep your 5 lives intact?
Race through one of the most dangerous levels and drive your monster truck through the Shadowlands! Try to survive and reach the finish line in Monster Truck Shadowlands 2! Survive giant saws, spikes, iron balls, and other traps as you complete each track. This game is one of the driving games at Round Games.

Monster Truck Shadowlands 2 is a free online game on RoundGames.

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