Moto Traffic Rider Game

Moto Traffic Rider Moto Traffic Rider is a cool motorcycle racing game where you weave between traffic and try not to crash. Race in three different environments: Desert, Jungle, or snow. Your bike has a powerful engine and is extremely lightweight. You can reach some crazy top speeds and weave through the traffic! You must use all of your driving skill to avoid crashing into the other vehicles. But the closer you get, the more points you receive!

You must truly dice with death and live life on the edge! You earn cash for successfully navigating the traffic and you can use this money to purchase some cool new bikes and more tracks to race on. The controls are simple – use the WASD keys to accelerate and steer, and use the shift key to perform an epic wheelie! So can you master your motorbike and become a racing legend in Moto Traffic Rider Game?

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