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Pizza Pursuit

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Game Details

Pizza Pursuit. A fast paced race through city streets as you try to deliver pizzas on time. Make sure you’re not late or you’re FIRED!
Keys Needed:
Left, right, up, and down arrows-Controls the pizza delivery guy.
Mouse-Selects options
Select one of four options to begin your game.
“More Games” and “High Scores” buttons are for the sponsor when the game is purchased. Right now they are empty.
Work: This is that main game in which you have to deliver pizzas on time by traveling a certain amount of distance.
Options: Options for the game. Switch your screen shake mode and your sound volume.
How To Play: Offers instructions on how to play the game.
Delivery Crew: The credits to the game.

Pizza PursuitPizza PursuitPizza PursuitPizza Pursuit