Pacific War Game

Pacific War Become the pilot of a top-tier and top-secret mission in Pacific War Game. Help the Allied forces crush the enemy opposition once and for all. Fly your U.S. stealth bomber over the turquoise water of the Pacific Theater and do your part to secure world peace. This action-fueled game is just like being on the front lines. Start Pacific War by choosing from a selection of three different planes. Each one has its own specialty. This game is exactly suitable for the game lovers who want to play a game in their time.

In Pacific War Game: Be sure to access the plane’s speed, armor and firepower before your make your final selection. Each level has a different mission. You need to successfully fly your plane to the end of game level, gunning down as many enemies as possible. Stay strong and dangerous by picking up power bonuses and health packs along the way. Realistic graphics and a soaring and heroic soundtrack make Naval Fighter an authentic gaming experience. Play this free online game today and feel the thrill of victory in Pacific War Game.

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