A Letter for Richard Game

A Letter for RichardA Letter for Richard. After receiving an anonymous letter Richard is coming back to his old home. The house where he was living before, together with his parents. As the letter says, this place hides some secret, something that is extremely important for the whole family. Something about the family business, but everything is so veiled, that Richard can’t guess what this is about and he has no idea who is the mysterious sender of the intriguing letter. Is it true or maybe someone is some not interesting joke After two months Richard is coming back to his old abandoned house, sincerely looking for an answer of this weird situation He believes that he will find all the answers there but he would also need some help for that. Are you prepared to take this adventure? So enjoy and have fun.

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Play A Letter for Richard Game

Everything in this game will be done by using the mouse. From the beginning you will be clicking with the mouse in order to move through the narrative, the story that Richard is telling, and then on the same way you will detect those objects. You look for the objects through the room and once you spot something, point at it with the mouse cursor and then click on it using the left mouse button. At the end of the game you will get all answers, but until that, you will have to give a little effort.