A Present for Christmas Game

A Present for Christmas A Present for Christmas. Dora is the smallest child from the Patterson family. She is a little girl and just like every other child she is interested in everything and she loves all those cute little things that grownups don’t find attractive. And yes, maybe there are people that love Christmas, actually this holiday is completely OK but we have to admit that the kids are the ones that love it most. Of course, in the Patterson family Dora is the one that is most excited about the next Christmas. She actually waits for it the whole year, thinking about every possible aspect of the holiday like Santa Claus, presents, Christmas tree…

Since she is that much into Christmas holidays, Dora has decided this year to surprise every member of the family, giving them a particular present. She has been selecting those presents very carefully but somehow those presents are spread all over Patterson’s property at the moment.

It seems for her like they are one, but she is quite sure that they were here… How Dora has to search every corner of her family’s property in order to find the presents. That may be a lot of job that needs to be done but Christmas is here and she doesn’t like to allow the holidays to be ruined. At the moment everyone is sleeping so it is a perfect moment to start searching for the presents and give them after everyone wakes up.

A Present for Christmas is a free online hidden object game on Round Games.

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