A Secret Promise Game

A Secret Promise A Secret Promise Game: Sometimes people think that it would be more romantic if they keep their love secret while other people brag about their love all around. Those are two types of people. But what is important in those cases that love is celebrated, the way is not important at all.

Lori and Patrick in A Secret Promise Game are in a relationship for few years. They love each other very much. When they started their relationship, Lori knew that she likes to spend her life with him, and it was a wonderful and very happy day for them when they decided that they like to get married. Those two are those people who like to keep things quiet. And that’s why they’ve decided that it would be best if they get married secretly. They have chosen the favorite park for a place for the wedding. It is actually the place where they usually spend their time together. And all best moments are related to that place. That’s why they thought that there won’t be a better place for celebrating their life than this wonderful and very romantic park.

Today in A Secret Promise Game is actually the day of their wedding so Lori is at the place, waiting for Patrick. She is all excited. She spends her time walking on the places that remind her to those amazing moments spent with Patrick. Now we could enjoy ourselves walking together with Lori and visiting the places that bring memory to her. Let’s feel the romantic spirit and have fun sharing those special moments with those secret love birds. So enjoy and have fun in playing A Secret Promise Game.

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