An Unexpected Love Game

An Unexpected Love An Unexpected Love Game: Love can blind even the keenest of eyes. How many times have we heard that quote and thought of ours or somebody else’s love story. We are all for some romance and so were two young people from two different states. Those were the unknown baby steps towards an unusual love story. On a trip to Leavenworth, Washington, things were about to change forever for Mark, but he didn’t know it yet. He came to this small town with beautiful architecture and a scenic nature to visit his cousin Anna. One evening on the streets, love found Mark and led him to Melissa. She noticed young Mark the second day of his visit when he and his cousin walked by her on the streets. It seems that these days she can’t stop thinking about him.

She is in deep thought but nobody knows she had lost her every power to think except about one person. For three days she is strolling around the neighborhood, hoping to find him and start a conversation. The luck smiles on him and it seems that she has felt butterflies in the stomach since the days she laid eyes on him. Unfortunately, love is an odd feeling and it could be the cause of so many contrary feelings at a time, pain, happiness, bliss and insecurity. Mark’s visit is ending and he has to return home. Their separation falls hard on both. Mark packs his suitcase. He feels like the world has ended.

But Melissa has a surprise for him. A few blocks down his Melissa decided that she can’t spend the rest of her life without Mark. She is making the final arrangements to follow him back home. She is on his way to catch him before leaving and tell him the good news – they are both going to Chicago. Finally enjoy playing An Unexpected Love Game.

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