Ancient Truths Game

Ancient Truths Ancient Truths. It is time to practice trivia! This time we go back to ancient times. Much of importance happened from ancient Greece to the Incan Andes and many famous people lived then… What can you remember of your history lessons that covered this era in different parts of the world? How much do you know about the Greeks, Mesopotamia, Romans, Egyptians? Put your knowledge to a test!

Just to remind you, this game will test your abilities to answer questions related to historical events. This game is part of the series of quiz games. After each level you will be offered a question that should be answered with True or False. Test your knowledge of ancient history and archaeology; answer the questions correctly to complete the game.

Take your time and think twice before you take any step, because in case that you miss the answer, you will return to the previous level and start it all over, as many times as it’s needed. On the other hand, when your answer is right, you move into the new level which is a new quiz, and so on, until you finish the whole game.

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