Animal Expedition Game

Animal Expedition Animal Expedition. If you are natural science lover and you enjoy reading about living world, flora and fauna, and you get amazed about the nature miracles and rules, than you will certainly enjoy our todays’ game. It is actually one of our quiz games that is not only going to teach you some new facts, but maybe will remind you of some knowledge that you have already forgotten. For all of you that are our dedicated visitors and players, you know that from time to time we check out your knowledge in different fields. And if you are familiar to our quiz games and we hope enjoy it, today we take you to the world of animals.

This game is from the serial quiz games. After each level, the player needs a question which should be answered with true or false. If he offers a correct answer, he will continue the game, if not, he should replay the level.

Biologist Peter is doing some research and the questions are connected to the animals. So get ready for a new natural science adventure that will ask for you to remember your biology knowledge and interests. Or if you are not a fan of animals, why wouldn’t put yourself into a new adventure and learn something new? Anyhow, enjoy the big fun!

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