Anonymous Call Game

Anonymous CallAnonymous Call. Larry is an owner of a local factory. Since this factory is located in a small place, usually the people who live around work there. At the moment there are 100 workers working there and everything is going just fine. That’s why the owner of the place was so surprised when he received an anonymous call, someone called him telling him that there will be a fire in his factory. Larry was very surprised by this call. He was wondering who could be on the phone, is that some stupid joke? And who would like to fire the place, has he made something bas to someone?!

And while Larry was still confused, wondering what he should do, his friend called him on the phone after one hour and told him that there is really a fire in his factory. The Fire Brigades officers are at the place, localizing the fire while Larry still can’t realize what is going on.

The police also know about the unfortunate event. Detective Scott is at the place of the fire and he is trying his best to find out who has set the fire and who was that anonymous man that called him on the phone to tell him everything. Was that some friend or perhaps the man that set the fire? And how could he know about the fire? Who told him? It seems that there are too many mysteries around Larry at this moment so he would definitely need some help to find out what is going on with his factory.

Anonymous Call is a free online hidden object game on Round Games.

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